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About Ticket2Greatness

Ticket 2 Greatness

Ticket 2 Greatness was founded in August 2012 with the mission to help all athletes have access to visibility regardless of age, location, economic background, ethnicity or media notoriety. We offer sophisticated tools to connect athletes with coaches, scouts and agents. We believe that education is an important element of long-term success. To that end, we also provide our athletes with information about colleges and universities; alert them to scholarship opportunities; and help them develop the skills needed to perform well on qualifying exams.

Ticket 2 Greatness helps athletes in all sport categories to:

  • Upload quality game "highlight" videos
  • Have access to scholarships and college application opportunities
  • Develop winning player profiles
  • Connect with coaches, scouts and agents who match their criteria
  • Gain awareness about updates in NCAA, NAIA and NJCAA eligibility rules

Most significantly, our registration fees are nominal. For only $650 our members have free access to the entire athlete's content on our website. Since not every talented athlete has the financial resources to invest in recruitment services, our affordable fee widens the pool of talented athletes and increases their opportunities. Ticket 2 Greatness has recently partnered with Pathway 2 College as an additional way to keep our costs affordable. This arrangement allows us to offer our suite of services at a cost that is significantly lower than similar organizations. The total monthly fees for our suite of services are a fraction of those required by our competitors. Our closest competitor charges at least $1,500 compared to our $650 for comparable services. Other competitors are even more expensive. Our commitment to “high value” signals that we will always hold our athlete’s best interests at heart.

There is no easy shortcut to athletic recruitment. It takes work, access to information, and consistent communication. We are available for consultation throughout the process. Ticket 2 Greatness shows athletes the path and gives them the map. Ticket 2 Greatness also provides coaches with a similar path so that, at a magical moment, the two connect.

Ticket 2 Greatness is on track to becoming the number one networking destination for athletes and coaches. Whether you are an athlete, a coach, an agent or a scout, Ticket 2 Greatness is your premier resource.