Every Athlete, Everywhere

We are building relationships with organizations locally, nationally and worldwide. In the coming months you will see our resources expand, and we warmly invite you to explore our site. Remember...your dream is our dream; your success is ours. We believe in you!

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In every athlete's heart there is a dream. It may have begun as a glimmer of hope when you were very young. Will I shoot a basket? Will I catch this pass? Will I score a goal today?

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At some point you started to realize that you had talent, and your dreams began to grow bigger. Can I get into a Division I college? Will I be tapped by a professional team? Will recruiters find me?

Whether you are 13 or 35, whether you are male or female, whatever your ethnicity is, wherever you live, whatever sport you play...your dreams are important to us. The competition is tough. Some studies suggest that Division I college football programs have databases that have over 5,000 prospective players. It's difficult to navigate the recruiting process, and it's even harder to gather objective advice. Recruiting services are expensive, ranging from $500 to thousands of dollars. Not every talented athlete has that kind of money.

We have developed this site because we believe that all athletes have the right to be seen, regardless of location, economic background, or media notoriety. Your ultimate success depends on making wise decisions as you prepare for and choose your recruitment path. We offer a full suite of services that will help you travel that path. Ticket 2 Greatness has recently partnered with Pathway 2 College to keep our costs affordable. This alliance allows us to offer our services at a cost that is significantly lower than comparable ones at similar organizations. Total monthly fees for our suite of services are a fraction of those required by our competitors. Our closest competitor charges at least $1,500 compared to our $650 fee. Other competitors are even more expensive. Our commitment to “high value” signals that we will always have your best interests at heart.

Founded in August, 2102, Ticket 2 Greatness is designed to help you upload game "highlight" videos, receive college information, develop your player profile, and connect with coaches, scouts, and agents. In addition, we monitor all changes in NCAA, NAIA and NJCAA rules and will make sure that you understand how these changes can affect your current eligibility.

Since 90% of coaches begin their recruiting searches online, we are committed to helping you promote yourself most effectively. Some of you may be soon approached by a recruiting service personally. Before signing on, ask for references; check into their success rate; find out about initial (and hidden) costs...or better yet, let us help you do this.

In addition to your success as an athlete, we are just as committed to your education. We will not only alert you to available scholarships, but will also help you strengthen your testing skills as you prepare for qualifying exams.

The platform of Ticket 2 Greatness brings together athletes, scouts, coaches and teams around the world. It doesn't matter what sport you play, we are dedicated to becoming your sole source of connection.

As a final thought, Ticket 2 Greatness has developed a creed that articulates our values. We hope that you find it inspiring as you move forward.

Our Lives Should Mirror our Name:


od - be led by God and do his will

enew - renew our minds, doing away with the thinking that leads us to self-doubt, fear to achieve the impossible, and intimidation

ncourage - encourage ourselves, even when others doubt and put us down

chieve - Greatness by striving to be great

ransform - do away with the parts of our lives that will not lead to success

oble-minded - have the ability to discern between what is meant for our good and what is meant to tear us down

endure - never give up

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elfless - realize that it's not about us

acrifice - we have to work hard in order to be successful