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Thank you for visiting Ticket 2 Greatness. We have designed this site to provide you with tools that will best promote your athletic talent to top coaches and scouts nationally and worldwide. We also hope to provide you with the support you may need to be a great student as well. Although we created the site with you in mind, only you will know if we have been successful.

Please take a few minutes to complete this questionnaire. The questionnaire is divided into two sections. The first is in a table format. Simply insert an "x" in the box that best describes your answer to the question. In the second section, you will have the opportunity to expand your thoughts more fully.

This is your opportunity to tell us what you like about the site, what you don't like about it, and how it can be improved. Your feedback is valuable to us, and we welcome your insight into how to ensure that this is the premier, online resource to help you achieve your athletic goals.

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Is the website easy to understand? Is it well organized?
Is the menu on the homepage clear?
Were the registration steps easy to follow?
Can you move through the site easily?
Do the links work?
Were you able to return to the homepage easily?
Did you find what you were looking for?
Is the text easy to read? (both font size and style)
Were you able to download the files?
Have you visited similar websites?
Would you recommend this website to a friend?


Please also answer the following questions:

How does this website compare to a similar site. Is it better? Is it worse? Please explain.

If you were asked to rate this website from 1 to 10, what score would you give it?

What was difficult or frustrating about the site? What did you like the least?

Name your three favorite things about the website and your three least favorite.

What do you think about the overall design and color scheme?

How can we improve the website? Share your suggestions with us.