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Justin Knights




5 ' 10 "
150 pounds

Huntsville, AL

Birth Date (Month/Day/Year): 1/21/2003

High School: Columbia High School
HS Graduation Date: 2020
HS GPA: 4.3

Not NCAA Eligibility Center Registered

Academic Honors:

Athletic Honors:

Test Scores

ACT: E: 0, M: 0, R: 0, C: 0

SAT Math: 0, verbal: 0, Writing: 0, Total: 0

Intended Major:


5 Questions

Tell me about yourself
I'm Justin Knights and I am a Junior class 2020.

What are your career goals?
Get a state championship and make all-city, all-state. After that play at the collegiate level and go to school for Communications and Media

Do you feel like you are coachable? Why or Why not?
Yes, because whenever they get on to me it's either yes sir I never complain argue back with the call and just being all ears to the coaches

What are your greatest assets as an athlete?
Shooting the ball, able to share the ball, adjust in tough situations

How would your coach describe you?
I feel coach would describe me hardworking, an assassin, and able to get the job done on and off the floor



My Sport(s)


Men Basketball Physical Stats

Vertical Jump inches 31.00
Bench Press max 175.00
3-4 Court Sprint seconds 2.79
Lane Agility Drill seconds 5.65
Wing Span inches 71.00

Men Basketball Stats by Position

Combo Guard

3 Point Attempts 75.00
3 Points Made 45.00
Assist 85.00
Blocks 20.00
Defensive Rebounds 50.00
Field Goals Attempts 150.00
Field Goals Made 100.00
Freethrow Attempts 115.00
Freethrow Made 100.00
Offensive Rebounds 30.00
Steals 25.00
Turnovers 30.00